Day: June 10, 2020

Chase Starbucks Credit CardChase Starbucks Credit Card

For all of us coffee lovers and addicts out there, Chase has introduced the Starbucks Duetto Platinum Credit Card. It acts as both a reloadable Starbucks card AND a reward-earning credit card! So you can quench your caffeine thirst and save money.

After merging with Bank One (previously Chicago’s largest bank), Chase Bank of Manhattan is now by far the largest bank in America? some claim that it may even be the biggest financial institution in the world! Chase not only offers various credit cards, they also offer services such as personal accounts, insurance and lending. With such a huge company unveiling the Starbucks Duetto card, we know that it is not only legit, but that it also will have great rates!

Upon activation, enjoy a 0% introductory APR (annual percentage rate) for up to 6 billing cycles, no annual fee, and a wide range of other VISA benefits. After that, there will be an automatic $5 donation made to the Starbucks Foundation when you make your first purchase on your new credit card and you also receive $10 free Duetto dollars! There’s more! With each purchase you make after that, you can earn a full 1% back towards your Starbucks Duetto Dollars. When you subscribe to the automatic reload program, you get a 3% cash rebate.

Once you’re signed up, you’re eligible for even more Starbucks perks. Earn points towards a pound of coffee, receive updates on Starbucks news, and experience the convenience of two cards in one in the Starbucks Platinum Duetto VISA card! Plus your local Starbucks barista is bound to give you even better service once they see which credit card you choose to carry in your wallet. They will see that you are committed to supporting your favorite coffee shop.

Before you purchase your next Starbucks coffee, apply for the Starbucks Duetto Platinum Credit Card. Then every time you use your credit card, you’ll be saving money on your coffee purchases. Even if you only use this credit card as a reloadable Starbucks card, it is worth it to support the Starbucks foundation. Start saving money today.